Hoteza HotPad

An interactive in-room tablet solution to access everything hotel can offer

In-Room Dining

Allow your guests to order food and drinks from custom-designed interactive menus & include mouth-watering images for the most complete presentation.

Multilingual Support

The Hoteza HotPad service is supported in more than 20 languages to give your guests the best possible user experience

Room Control (GRMS)

Integrate with your GRM system & allow your guests to adjust the room settings from their tablet: control the temperature, turn the lights off & on, or set up pre-made room scenes

Guest Messages

Open a channel of easy communication and meaningful efficient interactions between your guests & staff through two-way messages for a perfect service experience.

VOIP integration

No need for traditional telephones in the room: by using the Hoteza HotPad guests can take calls through the In-Room tablet.

TV Remote Control

Give your guests the safest & most convenient remote control by using in-room tablets

Any hotel service with
just one touch

Hoteza HotPad is installed on the hotel’s tablets and is ready to be used immediately.

With one touch, guests can order any service from a taxi and room dinner service to an extra toothbrush and towels.

Generate new
revenue sources

Advertising possibilities of Hoteza HotPad allow you to increase sales of hotel services and attract commercial partners for additional revenue.

Interactive services offered in the guest’s language and a possibility of real-time editing of content and graphics have a positive effect on RevPAR growth.

Go green!

Make the first step towards paperless operations & provide digital information about all the hotel facilities

Show, don’t just tell!

Visualise your marketing campaigns and offers to create a more attractive content

Personalization is the key

Create an unforgettable personalized service from the moment your guests arrive all through their stay

Listen to your guests!

Receive guests’ feedback at the right time with plenty of response time

Unlimited customization opportunities and full compliance with hotel brand guidelines

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