Hoteza HSIA

Distribute available Internet speed evenly and solve your internet congestion issues

Rate plan zones

Individual access pages and rates for guest and common areas.

Fair access policy

Ensure that demanding guests and participants of the conferences are happy with internet quality, while maintaining acceptable free access during peak hours

Advertising and promotion

Use your landing page as an opportunity to advertise your products, or showcase your partners or services.

Secure access

All information is transferred over an encrypted network.

Maximum guest satisfaction

Guests give positive feedback and recommendations and mention the fair distribution of the speed.

Cost minimization

Reduction of staff costs, thanks to automatic setup of guest devices and efficient support service.

Hoteza HSIA solves the problem of poor Internet

Your guests will be happy because all they need to do to get a quality Internet connection is to simply enter their room number or phone number. Every user gets the maximum bandwidth available thanks to the Fair Connection Policy. The connection is dynamically balanced according to current load and tariff conditions.

Discover Hoteza HSIA solution

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