Hoteza HotSign

Display selected visual information in your public areas

Live Weather Forecast

Don’t let your guests leave the hotel without sunglasses or an umbrella by showing them the weather forecast for the day.


Event-friendly navigation system that will show guests the right direction easily and can be adjusted within minutes.

World Clock

Time zones are no longer hard to keep up with: remove any chance of confusion easily.

Social Media Content

Let your guests create content for you and display it proudly by connecting to the Social Media feed on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube.

The system allows you to load videos, images, and texts and to manage the information in real time from any devices and anywhere in the world.

Dynamic ads, promotions, сalendar functions, customized designs
Inform & navigate hotel guests and give them an accurate weather forecast
Transmission of schedules for conferences and other events

You can use any digital screen with an HDMI or DVI socket to transmit the content. Once you connect the media player to the display and to your network, your Hoteza HotSign is ready to go!

Online Airport Display Board

CMS Access

The system allows you to upload videos, images, and texts and manage this information in real time from any device and anywhere in the world.

All the latest product updates

You will receive notifications of all product updates, which are automatically installed.

Unlimited data storage

Using cloud technology means you do not need to worry about capacity for saving.

Variety of Content

System allows you to use various types of content, such as JPEG & PNG images, full HD videos in all video formats, use RSS feeds for news, airport display boards, weather forecast and also create text presentations visually adjusted to your GUI.


The system is easily integrated with PMS (Micros) systems, which allows information on upcoming hotel events, such as conferences or seminars, to be automatically loaded.

Go Paperless

Cut the cost of printed materials by using the digital version of information displayed on strategically placed screens in public areas of your hotel.


Choose the screen that best fits your needs

Discover Hoteza HotSign solution

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