Hoteza Mobile Application

Interactive user-friendly hotel mobile app for an enhanced personalised guest journey

In-Room Dining

Allow your guests to order food and drinks through mobile app from custom-designed interactive menus & include mouth-watering images for the most complete presentation.

Room Control (GRMS)

Integrate with your GRM system & allow your guests to adjust the room settings from their mobile: control the temperature, turn the lights off & on, or set up pre-made room scenes.

Express Check-out

Allow your guests to use the express check-out, quick way to avoid waiting at the reception before departure.

TV Remote Control

Give your guests the safest & most convenient remote control by using their own smartphone device with their hotel mobile app.

Mobile Key

With the solution for mobile key for hotels, guests can skip the reception completely and go straight to their room upon arrival & never worry about the forgotten key cards again.

Guest Messages

Open a channel of easy communication and meaningful efficient interactions between your guests & staff through two-way messages for a perfect service experience.

Works offline

The app works completely offline and most of the Hoteza Mobile services are available offline. Our well-designed mobile app performs actions fast and without any download delays.

Easy installation

There are endless possibilities to promote the application. Guests can easily install Hoteza Mobile by using either an app store, a welcome message link, or by scanning a QR code on the hotel keycard.

Messaging is the leading communication method now. More and more guests prefer to write a message or push the button rather than call the Front desk or Concierge service. Allow them to do just that and get in touch with everyone easily through the Hoteza mobile application.

Go green!

Make the first step towards paperless operations & provide digital information about all the hotel facilities.

Show, don't just tell!

Visualise your marketing campaigns and offers to create a more attractive content.

Personalisation is the key

Create an unforgettable personalised service from the moment your guests arrive all through their stay.

Listen to your guests!

Receive your guests' feedback at the right time with plenty of response time.

New interactive hotel mobile app will improve guest relationship and create revenue opportunities with services such as in-room dining and restaurant reservations.

Hoteza Mobile Key

Must-have for any hotel allows your guests to open their room using only their smartphone – forgotten keys are 
no longer an issue by using hotel mobile app.

Hoteza Mobile Key compatible lock systems:

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