Hoteza Integrations

Cloud-based system integrates with various PMS, GRMS, SOS and other hotel software solutions

Full integrations with various hotel solutions allow for a centralised Smart Hotel approach & full guest journey. Communication that provides a complete personalised experience based on efficient hotel operations and smart environment.

Property Management (PMS)

It is all about making your guests feel they’re special. Right after a guest checks in, the Hoteza starts treating every guest as a very important person. The Hoteza system can retrieve a guest’s profile from PMS and other sources, so that special offers, advertising, content packages, and room settings will be adjusted to the guest’s preferences.

Point of Sale (POS)

Integration allows orders to be passed directly to POS. The guest’s order may be forwarded automatically to the right place, making the operations process easier and more efficient.

Restaurant and Spa

Allow guests to easily book a restaurant table in the hotel, or their desired SPA treatment through Hoteza system, fully integrated with booking systems for restaurants and SPA.

Optimise staff workload, optimise tasks and check efficiency reports to decrease failure chances through hotel SOS integration.

Hoteza GRMS integration introduces a new way of interacting between the guest and the room. Smart Hotel Room experience at the reach of the guest hand: control the room through hotel IPTV, in-room tablet or smartphone device

Mobile Key

Mobile Key solution is the next generation keycard. Hoteza enables true self-check-in and allows the guests to use their hotel app as their key on their own smartphone device.

Hotels investing in Hospitality Smart TV sets and installing the Hoteza TV solution don’t have to hassle with set-top box updates and fixes and can control all TVs and room devices via a convenient and integrated Hoteza administration interface. Hoteza ensures a plug-and-play experience, minimizing installation costs and configuration time.

We’re keeping up with industry trends and aligned with the demands. Whenever your project requires a special touch, we can integrate that specific block into our solution. The same can be done by others as we keep our API open and well documented.


Easy & flexible hospitality TV solution for a personalized guest experience

Mobile App

All hotel services in one mobile app


An interactive in-room tablet solution to access everything hotel can offer

Self Check-in

Smarter & safer solution used through mobile app, web or self check-in kiosk