87% of guests consider fast check-in and check-out as one of the most important aspects of their hotel stay. Ready to use this to your advantage and elevate guest satisfaction as a result? Keep reading.  

The hospitality industry has undergone significant changes over the past years: from staffing challenges, and increased staff workload, to more and more properties turning to contactless services. 

It’s no surprise then that self check-in as a service becomes available in an ever-increasing number of hotels around the world. Self check-in software improves hotel operations, making the whole guest experience more enjoyable.

The future is here: advantages of digitalized check-in processes 

By implementing self check-in and check-out solutions, hotels have recorded several benefits:

  • Direct contact with the guest
    During the self check-in process, the hotel receives the guest’s email and phone number.
  • Eliminating data discrepancies and errors
    No more misheard guest information and awkward glances at the reception.
  • Improved guest satisfaction due to faster check-in and check-out
    Upon arrival, the guest needs only to show an identification document and receive the room key.
  • High level of customization and adaptability to hotel branding
    Ensuring brand consistency across all guest touchpoints.
  • Revenue growth opportunities
    Offer upgrades or additional hotel services, and generate extra revenue.

To further streamline hotel operations, self check-in software can be easily integrated with property management systems (PMS). Hoteza offers integration with various PMS software, including the latest addition, Mews. Through a two-way integration, Hoteza and Mews provide a comprehensive overview of guest data and updates, revolutionizing the guest check-in experience. 

How does the check-in work?

Here’s a simplified overview of the self check-in process through Hoteza and PMS integration:

  1. The hotel receives the reservation through a booking source, such as Booking.com, Expedia, or the hotel’s website.
  2. The reservation is then entered into the hotel PMS, in this case, Mews.
  3. Hoteza imports information about the reservation through the two-way integration interface (e.g. guest name, contact details, check-in and check-out dates).
  4. Hoteza’s self check-in software then prepares the check-in process for the guest by pulling relevant information from the PMS.
  5. An invite email is sent to the guest through Hoteza, inviting them to complete the check-in online. After conducting multiple rounds of A/B testing, our team has determined that the optimal timing for this email to be sent is 3 days prior to the guest’s arrival.
  6. The guest completes the self check-in process through Hoteza. Upsell opportunities such as transfers, flowers, or gifts, are available at this step.

No unnecessary time is spent, and your guests can start enjoying all that your hotel has to offer without any delay. 

About Mews

As a property management system designed to simplify and automate hotel operations, Mews makes all the processes related to guest stay easier, faster, and more connected. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Mews is a popular choice among hotels of all sizes. Discover more about Mews hotel software here. If you’re interested in adding Hoteza integration to your account, visit their Marketplace

It’s time that long queues at the reception during peak times become part of the past. 

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