Historic hotel nestled in the heart of Ljubljana centre aims to make their guests’ stay better by implementing smart IPTV solution and mobile app with mobile key technology

Perfectly located in a heritage-listed building near the river in the heart of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Zlata Ladjica has been transformed into a boutique hotel with a clear mission to provide the guests with a well-rounded guest journey and pamper them completely. The careful approach to the project has been a staple for each part of it – from the renovation of the space and the building to careful consideration of technological aspects.

With a clear vision in mind, the Zlata Ladjica team considered options keeping their guests’ satisfaction level as a priority at all times. When they chose to implement Hoteza it was only a matter of deciding about the right service to fit the needs of the hotel, keeping in mind the entire guest journey. Keeping in mind the interactive part of the services they will offer, as well as their intention of seamless communication, the hotel team made an educated choice to proceed with interactive hospitality IPTV solution in combination with mobile application with the option to use Mobile Key.

While selecting the services on the IPTV solution was fairly easy, the hotel management and Hoteza were even more convinced Mobile App is the way to go since the security part of the locks meant bringing Assa Abloy aboard the project. Assa Abloy is a Swedish company specialized in smart locks and controlling access and identity confirming with keys, cards, and mobile solutions – everything from high-security hospitality-based locks and systems, to cutting-edge biometric technologies.

Integrated with Hoteza Mobile App, interactive solution for guest communication and information, Assa Abloy Mobile Key allows the guests to use their device to unlock their room door whenever they want. Focused on a guest journey and the best possible experience from the moment of check-in all the way to their stay and beyond, the first step is focusing on welcome e-mail, received upon check-in. Through the e-mail, the guest arrives with a welcome message and a kind reminder to download the Mobile App using their unique link which allows the Mobile Key feature to function as soon as they install it. Security protocols are thus in place, and the guests can proceed to get to their room, opening the door easily through their own smartphone device.

The process of using Mobile Key, which is extremely user-friendly, in partnership with Assa Abloy allows the guests to fully utilize the extent to which Hoteza Mobile App goes, they can forget about easily-lost key cards and make sure they always have everything they need during their stay at the reach of their hand.

Special thanks to our partners in Assa Abloy, who have made this project extra secure with their technology and know-how.