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Located in the heart of Zagreb, Croatia’s vibrant capital, Zonar Zagreb was designed as an urban place for rejuvenation, where guests are eager to come back and relax after an exciting day in the city. With rooms overlooking Zagreb’s cityscape, several multipurpose conference rooms, and a swimming pool & rooftop bar, the hotel is bound to become the go-to destination for the modern traveler.

As a part of Maistra City Vibes, Zonar Zagreb’s branding features captivating pink & purple tones, mirroring the amazing sunsets that can be witnessed in this part of the world. While envisioning the experience that hotel guests will live when staying here, Maistra’s team decided to include Hoteza’s TV, Web App, and Stream solutions to bring their whole stay to another level.

The Challenge

When starting this project, we set a few important goals:

  • Develop a new, improved guest experience that follows Zonar Zagreb’s brand image.
  • Cater to the target group’s needs, which meant creating a fast, intuitive, and paperless process to further enhance guest satisfaction and boost their overall experience.
  • Support the hotel in distributing important information while respecting guests’ digital preferences.

Let’s Have a Look at Certain Features That Significantly Improved the Guest Experience

Hoteza’s vision is to create digital solutions that help hotel guests experience the most positive emotions during their stay. We make it happen through complete product personalization, aligned with brand communication and tone of voice. 

Here’s what we implemented for Zonar Zagreb:

  • An interactive and flexible IPTV solution, allowing the hotel to personalize each step of the guest journey. Guests feel valued and appreciated from the moment they enter the room, as a welcome message awaits them on the TV screen. They can also use their mobile phone as a virtual remote control: browsing TV channels has never been easier!
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – guests connect through the Stream solution and it’s up to them to choose whether to connect via AirPlay or Google Chromecast. They can then easily access services such as Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube. Thanks to the intuitive UX, guests meet the interface they are already familiar with, which enhances their journey.
  • A digitalized room service for an improved and uplifted guest experience. Minibar orders are fully customized and automated: a TV message prompts guests to choose the minibar package that best suits their wishes as they enter their rooms. Thanks to the integration with Flexkeeping, service orders become seamless both for the guest and the hotel staff.
  • Cool events happening regularly are part of Zonar’s whole experience. But people can’t attend if they don’t know they’re on, right? This was solved through Hoteza’s Marketing module: by notifying guests about the event, and then reminding them nearer the time. For this module, filters by display groups are available (e.g. the hotel can choose to send notifications to a specific room group).  
  • Maistra loyalty program promotion: a QR code to join the MaiStar Rewards Club was implemented, simplifying the registration process and boosting guest engagement due to the benefits available to members only.  
  • High level of personalization in various guest journey touchpoints: wake-up call melody, radio playlists, welcome message, and minibar content, to name a few, contributes to increased guest satisfaction.

To Sum Up

We helped the Zonar Zagreb team implement digital solutions that are consistent with their branding and tone of voice. The hotel can seamlessly meet the technological demands of the modern guest, thus providing an unforgettable experience during their whole stay. Besides improving guest satisfaction, new marketing opportunities were created, which will certainly affect the hotel’s revenue.

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