In the competitive world of hospitality, hotels are constantly looking for ways to provide a memorable and personalized guest experience. One of the innovative solutions that disrupt the well-known industry practices is definitely the hotel cast solution. In this article, we’ll explore why implementing a casting solution is an efficient investment that will uplift your guest satisfaction.

What is a hotel cast solution?

A hotel cast solution, also known as hospitality casting solution, is a technology that enables showing or “casting” content from an external device (e.g. the guest’s mobile phone, tablet, or laptop) onto a TV screen. Once the media is successfully cast, users can use their devices to interact with the content shown on the TV, as well as connect to their favourite streaming platforms, which will ensure that your guests make the most of their hotel stay. 

How does Hoteza Cast work?

  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Easy connection in a few steps (the guest scans the on-screen QR code)
  • Stable and secure: no one can connect to the same in-room casting device
  • User data is completely cleared at check-out, eliminating potential privacy issues
  • Supports all Chromecast models for unlimited fun with guest favourites like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify

What benefits does a cast solution bring to hotels?

  • A casting solution perfectly complements the existing hotel TV systems since no new wiring is necessary, and no new server or software installation is needed.
  • By implementing a cast solution, your hotel experiences a reduced investment in in-room entertainment by allowing guests to access the latest content without having to constantly update your media offerings.
  • Enhances guest satisfaction by transforming the in-room TV into a versatile hub, ensuring an engaging stay. When guests can continue watching shows or movies where they left off, they feel more at home and satisfied with their accommodation.

Here’s how it affects your guests’ experience:

  • Casting has never been easier.
  • All guests have to do is connect their device to the hotel WiFi and follow the intuitive on-screen instructions. It only takes seconds to start watching their favourite movies and shows.
  • Hoteza’s enterprise-grade technology ensures guests can only cast to the TVs in their own rooms, and all data is cleared after they check-out.

If you’re looking to enhance your guest experience and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry, a hotel cast solution might just be the game-changer you’re looking for. By providing seamless connectivity and easy use, it benefits both hotels and their guests. 

Delight your guests with Hoteza’s cast solution. Now supporting Chromecast 4th Generation too.