HotSign (Digital Signage)

Valamar Riviera is Croatia’s leading tourism company and among the biggest investors in the Croatian tourism industry. The company operates about 12% of the total categorized accommodation in Croatia and has the capacity to welcome around 57,000 guests per day in its 34 hotels and resorts, and 15 camping resorts.

Project Purpose

Valamar approached us with the intention of digitalizing their in-house marketing media in various properties, replacing the existing fixed and mobile info panels with printed A4, A3, and B1 papers. We agreed to create a positioning plan for Digital Signage displays, supported by a communication concept based on their target group. It would include a proposal of digital solutions to enhance the customer experience, centralize content distribution, and reduce printing costs. 

The plan and concept covered product brands Valamar Collection and Premium Camping Resorts, as well as individual properties, proposing a more seamless guest journey that combines online and in-person communications. This project represents the first step in the digitalization of in-house media in Valamar’s leading properties.

The Challenge

When developing the communication and positioning plan for Valamar’s Digital Signage network, certain goals were kept in mind:

  • find the optimal way to use digital channels for the distribution of brand awareness messaging 
  • adapt communication to each brand, depending on the digital display locations
  • increase awareness of programs available at the premises (e.g. Music&Fun events, Stay Fit program schedule, other service information) 
  • spike interest in restaurants and other outlets through better presentation and highlighted special offers 
  • keep the Digital Signage displays aligned with the existing architecture of the space in a way that is also functional and aesthetically pleasing.

How Hoteza Approached This?

As always, we did our best in planning the entire project and customizing the requested solutions, which means we adapted Digital Signage displays and totems to different brands under Valamar:

  • The information about each product brand and individual property was gathered through extensive research.
  • The whole property was checked in order to define the Digital Signage display positioning, format, and orientation. We then chose the locations with the highest people fluctuation and defined the solution visualizations.
  • Project sketch plans and digital display installations were conducted according to the goals defined at the beginning of our collaboration. 
  • Each product brand received a unique digital screen mask, created in alignment with the brand book and communication strategy. 
  • Destination managers were granted complete access to Digital Signage content management, on a local or destination level. 

This project supported Valamar in its vision to be a leader in leisure tourism, as it’s another checkpoint in the company’s sustainability efforts. Not only does Digital Signage replace paper panels, but it’s also cost-effective in the long run, while easily adhering to the brand guidelines. 

Want to build better relations with your guests in a visually appealing way?