Hoteza Stream

Mundësojini klientëve tuaj të ndajnë me lehtësi përmbajtjen e tyre nga çdo pajisje “me ekranin e televizorit në dhomë”.

Stream & Cast

Possibility to share any content from personal devices, including own photos & videos.

Easy to install

No hardware behind the TV. Easy installation because there is no need to visit guest rooms and manage cables and hardware.

Always up to date

Using native Apple or Google devices and protocols guarantee that all versions of connected mobile devices will be supported even in future.

Intuitive UX

Better user experience as guests meet exactly the same interface that they already know from home or office.

Cost efficient

Centralized use of Apple TV boxes and Google Chromecast dongles make investment extremely efficient so that the total cost of the solution is cheaper at the end

Safe and Secure

An Enterprise-Grade technology ensures guests can only stream to the TVs in their own rooms. All data will be cleared after check-out.

We use standard Apple or Google protocols to connect to the device and we give the picture back to TV as a hidden TV channel dynamically switched on and off depending on guest’s behavior with Airplay feature. All this allows us to put few Apple TV or ChromeCast devices to server room and use them like every guest room has it’s own box.

A single solution for AirPlay and Google Chromecast

Netflix, Spotify, HBO, YouTube and more – all of your guests’ favourite content displayed securely on a large in-room TV.

Guest’s Benefits

Streaming and mirroring has never been easier. All you need is to connect your device to the hotel Wi-Fi and follow intuitive on-screen instruction in Hoteza TV system. In a second, you are able to watch your favourite content on a large TV screen in your room.

Hoteza Stream is a solution which supplements the hotel TV system with AirPlay and Google Chromecast technologies. No new wiring, no new server or software installation is required. There are no binding contracts or subscriptions. Start from eight Apple TV boxes and/or Google Chromecast dongles, and if needed extend to more later.

Discover more about Hoteza Stream

Contact our team to set up a free demo to find out more about Hoteza Stream solution.


An interactive in-room tablet solution to access everything hotel can offer

Self Check-in

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